How Many Steps Make Up A Fire Risk Assessment

Business Safety Solutions are frequently asked; how many steps make up a fire risk assessment? It’s an important question which is why decided to create a detailed blog for you.

Using an accredited and qualified company like Business Safety Solutions to undertake your fire risk assessment means you will have a thorough job done and all the necessary steps in the process will be taken. It’s both a legal and moral obligation to have a fire risk assessment done in the first instance then it’s your responsibility to keep your building safe.

Having a fire risk assessment not only keeps you in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, but it also limits the risk of disasters happening.

Business Safety Solutions use five steps in our fire risk assessments which you can see listed below:

  • Fire Hazards Identified
  • Individuals at Risk Identified
  • Analysis and Planning
  • Training Provided
  • Reviews on Annual Basis

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Fire Hazards Identified

The first step we will take to performing a fire risk assessment, is to perform a thorough audit of your building for fire hazards. Every building is unique and has its own set of risks and hazards. This could be related to building design, materials used, appliances inside and so many more factors.

What stays the same in all our fire risk assessments, is the attention to detail when identifying all these things. We will create a full list of hazards and rank them in order of the level of danger associated with them.

Common hazards you’d find are to do with electrical appliances, heating units, pieces of equipment and machinery as well as various materials constructed to the building as some are horrendously flammable and will likely need changing. 

Individuals at Risk Identified

Once we have identified the individuals most at risk from predominant fire risk and hazards, we can consider the next steps of the fire risk assessment. Our expert team will be able to mitigate risk and prevent anything awful from happening before it even has a chance. As you can see, the first two steps are closely linked and are a crucial part of any fire risk assessment.

Analysis and Planning

Typically, after identifying all the risks and hazards, we will analyse our findings and create plans for any changes or arrangements that are required. We will essentially implement a comprehensive fire safety plan in order to reduce or remove the identified risks and increase the chances of a fire-proof future.

If you choose to work with us, our team will take control of the whole process for you including creating the plans, putting them into a document and working with individuals to implement the actions. This will almost definitely make the building safer from fire to all employees, occupants and visitors.

Training Required

If there is any training of any form required, we can provide this for you. Training may come in lots of formats and could be for a lot of reasons. Examples of some fire training could relate to fire marshall training, how to use various pieces of machinery properly, fire extinguisher training and more. Everyone who must take part in training will be notified and booked in by us. 

Reviews on Annual Basis

It is not a legal requirement to have an annual fire risk assessment but we feel it’s the appropriate time frame to ensure the safety of everyone in your building. Having a regular fire risk assessment can give you peace of mind that your building is fire safe and you can prove to anyone who asks that you’re a safety conscious person or business.

Moreover, we often find that a building changes quite a lot in the period of a year so a fresh fire risk assessment is never a bad thing. Not only your building, but the personnel in your building can change too so it may be the first fire risk assessment for them. 

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We hope this blog has helped you understand our five step approach to fire risk assessments a bit more. It’s a lengthy but needed process that could save you so much time, stress and financial resources in the long run.

We are a 5-star rated assessor and we’re taking bookings now here at Business Safety Solutions. If you would like some more information on how we could help you with your building then please get in touch.

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