Fire Risk Assessments Chester

Fire Risk Assessments Chester

We believe that over the years our operational excellence and success in business has been down to:

fire risk assessments

Fire Risk Assessments Chester

Are you seeking a 5-star and trusted company that provides fire risk assessments in Chester? If so, reach out to our team at Business Safety Solutions. We boast ample experience working on buildings of various sizes, scales, and uses.

Our Director, Gary Durnall, is a fully qualified and accredited fire risk assessor with the capability to grant Level 4 Diplomas in Fire Risk Assessments to clients requiring this standard.

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If you wish to delve deeper into fire risk assessments, we encourage you to call us at 01244 455277 or use our online contact form.

As a business, we specialise in delivering top-quality fire risk assessments for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This is something we are proud to say because many competitors cannot say the same. Our mission is to minimise the risk of fire for as many businesses, organisations, and individuals in Chester as possible, safeguarding buildings, employees, visitors, guests, and assets alike. While there is no legal timeframe for conducting a fire risk assessment, we highly recommend an annual review to ensure responsibility and safety.

Choose Business Safety Solutions as your number one fire risk assessor in Chester, you won’t be disappointed. We work on a organised, several step process to achieve proper assessment outcomes: 

– Identify potential risks and hazards related to fire within a property.
– Determine how risks and hazards affect different entities.
– Reduce risks and hazards to a controllable level.
– Evaluate necessary safety precautions and implement them.

We are fully committed to fireproofing your property effectively, but it begins with your responsible explorations of our services. We assist landlords, building owners, and organisations in Chester so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Why Are Fire Risk Assessments Required?

Fire risk assessments in Chester are essential for gaining a proper understanding of hazards within a building. Property owners bear the responsibility of ensuring regular and scheduled assessments, thus the safety of everyone who enters and exits too.

Several key aspects must be considered during a fire risk assessment, including emergency routes and exits, evacuation plans, firefighting methods and equipment, and information distribution.

Fire risk assessments go beyond a mere certification; they signify a company’s commitment to protection and safety, offering peace of mind that the building is secure from major fire hazards.

How Can Business Safety Solutions Help?

BSS can assist your business or organisation by conducting a thorough fire risk assessment for your building. It doesn’t matter whether it falls under the category of residential, commercial, or industrial. Our qualified team possesses extensive expertise in fire risk assessments, having worked on numerous projects over the years. By law, a fire risk assessment is mandatory, and ethically, it should be updated annually in our opinion. 

We would relish the opportunity to perform your initial fire risk assessment and subsequent ones following too. In case of major changes to your building, such as facade material alterations, significant construction works, or internal modifications, we’d ask you kindly to inform us, as this could impact your next assessment date.

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During routine on-site checks, we examine electrical appliances, equipment, tripping hazards, chemical-prone areas, smoking zones, and other facility equipment too. For detailed information, contact our Chester team at 01244 455277 or use our contact form.

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Here at Business Safety Solutions, we have been conducting fire risk assessments for years and specialise across a number of building types. To gain more understanding of what we are like as a business, visit our website or speak to us directly as we’d be delighted to chat more. 

In most cases, the responsibility lies with the person in control of the premises, such as the employer, building owner, or manager. The responsible person should be in charge of booking the fire risk assessments, storing all documentation from previous ones and implementing strategies to safeguard the building further. 

Our owner, Gary Durnall has been doing fire risk assessment for over 20 years and has worked on a plethora of building types which. His longevity in the industry is testament to his success and there really isn’t much we haven’t seen in relation to fire risk assessments. 


It includes identification of fire hazards, evaluation of the risk, consideration of people at risk, existing fire safety measures, and recommendations for improvements. When you book with us, we will guide you through our exact process to ensure you understand what is going on and what we will deliver. 

When we conduct a fire risk assessment, we will check a series of things as well as suggest equipment you can get to make your building safer from fire. Making sure you have fit for purpose fire and smoke alarms is something that’s crucial. Making sure hazards are well out of the way, making sure your fire doors are in good condition, having fire plans that everyone is aware of and having regular fire risk assessments done are good places to start. There are of course other, more sophisticated pieces of equipment you can get which we can let you know about when you get in touch with us. 

We price our fire risk assessment based on time and the size of your premises. Every building is so unique so there is no ‘one price fits all’ with fire risk assessments from Business Safety Solutions. The best thing to do, to get an accurate quote would be to get in touch with the team in Chester to find out more. Call 01244 455277 today.

Business Safety Solutions are active across three major social media channels. We have Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook which we post on regularly. We also monitor those direct messages so please feel free to get in touch if you need us. There are lots of behind the scenes and informational content across our social media which we hope helps you out. 

The short answer to this question is yes, a good quality fire risk assessment done by a professional company could save you money on your business or property insurance providers often require evidence of a recent fire risk assessment to assess and underwrite the risk associated with the property and if we did it for you for example and stated that there wasn’t a large amount of risk for fire, the insurance company would trust our assessment. Ask us more about this as we’d be happy to explain.