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Fire Risk Assessments

Business Safety Solutions have years of experience in providing fully comprehensive fire risk assessments in Chester and across the North for landlords and commercial property owners. We specialise in delivering first-class assessments to help property owners reduce the risk of fire to as little as possible, therefore protecting all employees, visitors and guests. Undertaking annual fire risk assessments is a legal obligation and failure to be certified annually could result in heavy prosecutions and fines. 

Business Safety Solutions provide comprehensive fire risk assessments throughout the North West for commercial property owners and upon annual completion, you will be certified to show that you are fully compliant with the latest laws and fire legislations. Fire risk assessments that we undertake aim to achieve the following;-

Identify potential risks and hazards throughout the property where fire risks many be prevalent.
Decide who could be harmed and how. Also who is at the most risk currently.
Reduce these risks to a level that is as low as possible.
Evaluate the safety precautions that need to be put in place and implement.

Here at Business Safety Solutions, we are committed to ensuring that your property is fire-safe. We are able to provide fire risk assessments in Chester for all types of organisations and landlords. We have a number of years experience and can visit your premises at a time and date that’s most convenient to you.

Why Are Fire Risk Assessments Required?

Fire risk assessments are ultimately the responsibility of the property owner. Property owners must carry out and regularly review fire risk assessments of the premises to help identify potential hazards and implement what needs to be done in order to keep people safe. Within a fire risk assessment, there are multiple avenues and elements to be considered including emergency routes and exits, implementing an emergency fire evacuation plan and providing information to employees and other people on the premises. Undertaking annual fire risk assessments is worth much more than just a box ticking procedure. Risk assessments drastically minimise the possibility of buildings being exposed to unnecessary fire risk that can result in the loss of life.

How Can Business Safety Solutions Help?

Business Safety Solutions are fully equipped and qualified to undertake fire risk assessments for all residential and commercial property owners. It is by law that all business premises and every block of flats must have a fire risk assessment in place and signed off. Business Safety Solutions are able to provide annual assessments following the initial assessment but if anything changes beforehand such as the fabric of the building or nature of occupants, we would need to be notified immediately. While every property and assessment will be different, the assessors will check main fire risk and fire prevention factors including electrical equipment on-site, smoking areas and current measures in place to limit fire spread. For more information or to get in touch with us today, call us now on 01244 455277 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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