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We believe that over the years our operational excellence and success in business has been down to:

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Health & Safety Audits

Here at Business Safety Solutions, we provide fully comprehensive health and safety audits in Chester and across the North for all types of businesses and across various sectors including Manufacturing, Warehousing, Leisure, Retail and Education.

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Our bespoke health and safety audits ensure that your company is fully compliant with current health and safety regulations, as well as assessing how well you’re following processes and analysing current performance.

Audits are imperative for protecting employees, customers and visitors from harm and can bring endless positive benefits to your business. We follow proven health and safety procedures that start with conducting an opening meeting with all relevant members of staff to discuss current procedures and practices.

The procedure will then proceed to documenting and recording observations made on site so that we can clearly identify current strengths and weaknesses. Once we have all data and information required, we will then take steps to implement new procedures and practices where required to prevent harm and remove unsafe hazards/practices.

A typical health and safety audit checklist should also evaluate;-

Management team competence.

Frequency of safety checks.

System for reporting hazards.

Current fire risk assessment.

Although health and safety audits can be completed internally – with the help of an appointed competent person – we highly recommend external audits as gold standard and to avoid taking any unnecessary shortcuts. We perform all audits by using recognised standards, such as BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 39001. 

Benefits Of Health & Safety Audits

Hiring a professional and fully accredited health and safety company – just like Business Safety Solutions – to undergo a health and safety audit can provide various benefits to your business and prove to be much more than just a box ticking exercise.

A bespoke health and safety audit will provide a calculated analysis of procedures and provide fact-based changes to be implemented right away. Not only will this be beneficial for the health and well-being of all employees and people on-site, but it will also boost morale and show that you genuinely care as an employer which can go a long way.

Furthermore, you can actually save money from an audit. The audit will show you exactly what needs to be implemented and invested in which will therefore reduce unnecessary wasted costs.

How Can Business Safety Solutions Help?

Here at Business Safety Solutions, we are able to provide fully comprehensive health and safety audits to ensure you are fully compliant with latest legislation.

Our team will fully analyse current procedures and identify and potential risks or pitfalls that can be corrected for the health and safety of all involved. We will spend a minimum of one day with you at your premises and be looking at key areas such as safety management systems, training, accident report procedures, manual handling and safety equipment.

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In summary, we believe that our approach brings the following benefits to our clients:


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Access to a Competent Person when you need it

Business Safety

Action plans that fit your business’ needs

Business Safety

Bespoke business total safety organisational systems

Business Safety

Customised training to meet your needs

An organisation’s health and safety management system is systematically examined as part of a health and safety audit to determine its effectiveness, pinpoint areas for improvement, and confirm compliance with relevant laws and standards.

Internal staff members, such as qualified competent person(s) can carry out health and safety audits. Additionally, external experts or auditors with experience in health and safety may be employed just like Business Safety Solutions. A health and safety audit can analyse processes objectively and recommend adjustments that may be put into effect right away. This reinforces your relationships with co-workers as it demonstrates your concern as an employer in the wellbeing of all workers and those present. 

The size and type of the organisation, the level of risk involved, and regulatory requirements are just a few of the variables that affect how frequently health and safety audits are conducted. Audits are often carried out annually or every two years, but higher-risk businesses or organisations could need them more frequently. If you’re unsure, don’t worry, Business Safety Solutions can ensure you are fully compliant and up-to-date.

Our health and safety consultants examine your businesses health and safety policies, practices, and records during a health and safety audit. For the health and safety of everyone concerned, our team will thoroughly examine present practices and identify any potential hazards or problems that can be avoided. We will visit your location for at least one day to look at important things including your safety management systems, training, accident report protocols, manual handling, and safety equipment.

While health and safety audits cannot ensure the prevention of accidents and incidents, they are extremely important for spotting possible threats, evaluating the efficacy of safety measures, and enhancing overall safety performance. They can greatly reduce the frequency and severity of accidents and incidents by implementing the audit recommendations and keeping a proactive safety culture. Furthermore, an audit  can genuinely help you save money. The audit will clearly demonstrate what needs to be invested in and implemented, hence lowering wasteful expenses.

We offer thorough health and safety audits for all types of companies in a variety of industries, in Chester and throughout the North of England. Our customised health and safety audits make sure that your business complies properly with all applicable health and safety laws, while also evaluating how effectively you adhere to procedures and examining current performance.

Health and safety audits can take anywhere from a few hours to a day to complete as a general rule of thumb. The length of time they take will depend on a few factors that include the size and complexity of your business, as well as the scope of the audit. Our health and safety consultants will always give you an estimated time frame at the beginning of proceedings and keep you informed along the way.

There are a few key objectives that should be met with a health and safety audit. Firstly, an audit aims to assess compliance with the latest health and safety regulations and laws. Moreover, it helps to evaluate safety management systems, promotes continuous improvement, and verifies competence.