Health And Safety Consultants Crewe

Health And Safety Crewe

health and safety consultants crewe

Health And Safety Consultants Crewe

Here at Business Safety Solutions, we are proud to be your first-class health and safety consultants in Crewe and covering the whole of Cheshire. We cover all aspects of health and safety across all industries and sectors so you can be sure that we are the consultants to provide everything you need, ensuring you are best protecting your employees and complying with the latest legislation.

We offer a wide range of health and safety services and solutions for businesses including the following;-

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We will support you with the following Safety Systems:

Our aim is to tailor the systems to the business to achieve a progressive, constructive and achievable plan for the future wellbeing of your business.


Business Safety

You manage the business we look after your safety

Business Safety

Access to a Competent Person when you need it

Business Safety

Action plans that fit your business’ needs

Business Safety

Customised training to meet your needs

Competent Person Crewe

If you’re looking for competent person services in Crewe, Business Safety Solutions are here to help. A competent person should be appointed within every organisation and that person is responsible helping the business comply with latest health and safety laws and legislations.

The responsibility of a selected competent person may also see them undertake activities such as creating or developing a health and safety policy. If you have no one adequate within the business, you may want to consider outsourcing to professionals just like ourselves to look after everything health and safety-related within your business to help you avoid potential legal pitfalls and to best protect all employees at the workplace.

Health & Safety Audits Crewe

Another service that we provide is a fully comprehensive health and safety audits for all types and sizes of businesses in Crewe. Predominantly, a health and safety audit is a process that ensures you are compliant with current health and safety regulations and assesses how well you’re following processes.

Our professional and comprehensive health and safety audits will also highlight any existing issues, outline your desired health and safety objectives, and also cover documentation as well as interviews with managers and heads of departments. Business Safety Solutions provide gold standard health and safety audits and we are able to tailor this service to organizations of any type or size.

Fire Risk Assessments Crewe

A fire risk assessment is a legal obligation for many types of properties up and down the country. This is a review that is undertaken by our health and safety professionals in order to assess the current fire risk and offer recommendations to make the building safer in the event of a fire breakout.

Fire risk assessments that we carry out aim to achieve the following;- identify, decide, reduce and evaluate. In the identification stage, we will identify potential risks and hazards throughout and the fire risk assessment will be completed by putting the relevant safety precaution in place that will be implemented right away for the safety of all involved. 

crewe health and safety consultants

Industries We Cover For Health & Safety Crewe

Regardless of your industry or sector, Business Safety Solutions are your one-stop shop for health and safety. With decades of experience, our team has helped hundreds of businesses to comply with the latest legislation whilst ensuring that all employees are as safe as possible in more ways than one. As well as avoiding legal pitfalls, implementing property health and safety procedures also significantly increases employee productivity and happiness which in turn, results in higher profits for the business.

Industries we cover include;-

Health And Safety Consultants Crewe

Looking to get in touch with Business Safety Solutions today and ensure that your business safety is on point? If so, we highly recommend calling Gary and the team for an initial talk today. Get in touch with us today on 01244 455277 or use our online contact form and our health and safety consultants in Crewe will respond promptly.

We offer FREE no-obligation consultations where you can learn more about how we help, what we provide, and the benefits of an ongoing health and safety commitment with a professional provider like ourselves. It’s really easy to book a consultation. Get in touch with us today by calling us now on 01244 455277 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Of course. Unlike some of our competitors, we provide a fully dedicated service that includes on-site visits. Even after we have set up your health and safety policies, fire risk assessments, and audits, we’ll keep in contact and ensure that your very latest practices are in-line with the latest regulations which are reviewed on an annual basis.

Yes. Business Safety Solutions was established just a few years ago but in that time, we are proud of the outstanding reputation that we’ve established within the industry. On our Google My Business listing alone, we have over ten 5-star reviews with customers highlighting our tailored approach, friendly yet professional approach, and commitment to providing the best possible service.

We are very grateful to have a wonderful list of clients across the UK. Our team is full of talented health and safety specialists so we’re able to work with companies of all sizes, or jobs of all scales and projects from any sector. Come and see our portfolio and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Types of premises we provide health and safety services for include warehouses, factories, and educational establishments.

Yes, of course. Here at Business Safety Solutions, we are dedicated to providing non-generic health and safety advice. We work with several different sectors, including manufacturing and recycling, and therefore provide a fully tailored and bespoke approach. Health and safety policies, health and safety audits, and other services are available with Business Safety Solutions.

Business Safety Solutions like to offer as much advice as possible, and that includes FREE advice. That’s why we have a dedicated ”downloads” page that you can browse today. Please feel free to download our existing templates that include; the Covid-19 Employer Checklist, Micro-Teach Risk Assessments, and much more.

Business Safety Solutions cover a plethora of health and safety services in Crewe. To name a few; fire risk assessments, competent person services, health and safety audits, health and safety inspections and more. If you would like a full list of our services for your business or organisation then please get in touch with our expert team today as we’d be delighted to help. The best way to speak to us is by calling us on our direct line which is 01244 45277.

Yes, we do have a process for all fire risk assessments we carry out in Crewe. We use a five step process which we will detail to you at the point of induction. Moreover, we do have informative articles on our website which are all about this process as we want to be transparent at all times about how we do things here at Business Safety Solutions. You can visit our blog section here

Business Safety Solutions create several blogs per month to provide as much information as you may need as a potential customer looking to improve your health and safety. We write blogs about our services, about important topics relating to health and safety. We answer key questions that are commonly asked online and so much more. We also take questions and topics from you so if you’d like to know something then get in touch and ask as we’d be delighted to help.

A business needs a health and safety audit to ensure compliance with legal regulations, protect employees from workplace hazards, minimise the risk of accidents or injuries, and maintain a safe working environment. It helps identify potential risks and hazards, assess the effectiveness of existing safety measures, and implement improvements where necessary.