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Health & Safety Consultants Widnes

We at Business Safety Solutions are pleased to serve as your go-to health and safety consultants in Widnes and the surrounding areas. We can assist you if you need health and safety audits, health and safety policy statements, or would want to learn more about our other services. Our goal is to assist you in improving workplace safety so that you may grow your business as a result. For enterprises, we provide a variety of health and safety services and solutions, such as the following:

Contact us right away by dialing 01244 455277 or using our contact form to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team, and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can.

We will support you with the following Safety Systems:

Our aim is to tailor the systems to the business to achieve a progressive, constructive and achievable plan for the future wellbeing of your business.


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You manage the business we look after your safety

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Access to a Competent Person when you need it

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Action plans that fit your business’ needs

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Customised training to meet your needs

Competent Person Widnes

Your organisation needs to appoint a qualified individual to comply with the fundamental health and safety laws. In the event of a health and safety accident, a competent individual hired by your firm is essentially the go-to person who has the necessary education and experience.

You have three major choices when it comes to choosing a competent person: you, one or more of your employees, or an external source
from outside your company. Business Safety Solutions may assist you if you’re hiring a qualified individual internally by making sure that the new hire has completed all necessary IOSH training, obtains practical experience, and has the requisite expertise.

Health & Safety Audits Widnes

Businesses in Widnes and the surrounding areas can also get thorough health and safety audits from Business Safety Solutions. We offer customised health and safety audits for a variety of industries and companies, including landlords, retail stores, recreation facilities, and warehouses. A health and safety audit analyses current health and safety processes and procedures and recommends/suggests adjustments that lead to safer workforces, increased efficiency, and more money for your firm. Our health and safety audit primarily checks to see if you are completely in compliance with the most recent health and safety laws. You will receive a thorough report detailing the next suggested measures and a thorough review of your company’s present policies after the audit is finished.

Fire Risk Assessments Widnes

In Widnes, we can also offer fire risk assessments. To make sure you are fire-safe and in compliance with the most recent laws and regulations as outlined by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, our team of health and safety specialists can conduct annual fire risk assessments at your business premises. Commercial property owners are legally required to do fire risk assessments, which are crucial to conducting a complete annual inspection to assist in identifying potential dangers and fire risks. The primary fire risk and fire protection variables, such as on-site electrical equipment, smoking places, and current measures in place to minimise fire spread, will be examined by our assessors at BSS.

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Industries We Cover For Health & Safety Widnes

We can deal with a variety of different industries and enterprises as one of the top health and safety consultants in Widnes, providing up to six health and safety services. We assist business executives in all safety-related matters so that management may concentrate on advancing the company as a whole. Following are some of the industries we cover:

Health And Safety Consultants Widnes

If you’re looking to comply with the latest health and safety legislation and best protect your employees and buildings, we would love to hear from you today and offer a FREE consultation. Get in touch with us today on 01244 455277 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes. Here at Business Safety Solutions, we offer free no-obligation consultations where we will get to understand your current health and safety practices so that we can best propose the potential next steps.

Yes, of course. We understand that when you’re selecting a health and safety consultant in Widnes, you want to ensure trust and reliability. We have collected well over 15 5-star reviews from happy clients. Check out some of our most recent here.

Business Safety Solutions are proud to be your your 5-star local and reliable health and safety consultants in Widnes, also covering the entirety of the North Of England. We are big enough to offer an excellent service but also provide a highly personable service. 

Yes, of course. As well as providing mandatory health and safety services in-person, we also have an abundance of online course for you to browse and complete. Check out the online courses we have available by clicking here.

As your local and trusted health and safety consultants in Widnes, Business Safety Solutions are responsible for offering up-to-date guidance and health and safety support. Our purpose is to work alongside you to reduce health and safety risks in the workplace and encourage you to use best practices to protect your people.

PPE (personal protective equipment) is used in additional to solid health and safety practices implemented in the workplace, and should not be used as a substitute or replacement. PPE should be regularly used in sectors such as construction where workers should have safety boots, hard hats, and safety goggles.

If you require regular health and safety check-ins to keep on top of your health and safety, we would to help with that. Check-ins can be highly advisable to discuss any emerging safety concerns, provide updates on regulatory changes, review progress on action items, and address any questions or issues that may arise.

We understand that every business and sector is different. That’s exactly why we provide a tailored and bespoke approach to ensure we are doing all we can to maximise your workplace safety. Business Safety Consultants work closely with you to understand your unique needs, and goals, and offer recommendations that align with your workplace culture.

Great question. There are several ways we do this to ensure your business is up to date with the latest health and safety regulations. Professional development is key, and participating in seminars, workshops, webinars, and conferences, to stay informed about evolving regulations and best practices. Moreover, we continuously monitor regulatory agencies, governmental bodies, and industry associations for updates.

Business Safety Solutions can provide safe operating procedures for several industries including manufacturing, warehousing, recycling, retail, and many more. Ultimately, an SOP is a playbook that outlines the step-by-step instructions that break down a process to operate machinery so that is very simple to follow.