Health And Safety Services

Business Safety Solutions provide a multitude of health and safety services in Chester and throughout the entirety of the North Of England. Our services include competent person services, fire risk assessments, health and safety audits, health and safety inspections, health and safety policy statements, and safe operating procedures.

Competent Person

Business Safety Solutions provide competent services in Chester and the surrounding areas for a multitude of industries and sectors.

Here at Business Safety Solutions, we offer the latest health and safety training and can help to appoint a competent person within your organisation based on the following;-

•Relevant training.

•Skills and technical ability.

•Practical experience.

•Familiarity with organisation.

•Authority of individual.

•Applicable knowledge.

We truly provide a flexible approach to modern health and safety requirements for your business and we will ensure that you have the correct systems and standards in place to best look after all stakeholders and avoid potential legal pitfalls. 

Fire Risk Assessments

Looking for fire risk assessments in Chester or the surrounding areas? Look no further than Business Safety Solutions. 

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties and failure to comply with legislation can lead to hefty prosecutions.

All fire risk assessments carried out by BSS follow a FIVE step process:

Identify risks and hazards throughout the property where risks may be prevalent.

Decide who could be harmed and how. Also who is at the most risk currently.

Reduce these risks to a level that is as low as possible.

Evaluate the safety precautions that need to be put in place and implement.

Health & Safety Audits

Business Safety Solutions also provide health and safety audits throughout Chester and the surrounding areas for a plethora of industries.

A comprehensive health and safety audit will consist of analysing the current strengths and weaknesses of your current systems.

A typical health and safety audit checklist should also evaluate;-

Management team competence.

Frequency of safety checks.

System for reporting hazards.

Current fire risk assessment.

health and safety policy statements

Health & Safety Inspections

Business Safety Solutions provide health and safety inspections throughout Chester and the surrounding areas for a plethora of industries.

There are some main aims to be achieved with H&S inspections. The cost of not being compliant could result in hefty fines, prosecutions, and negative publicity that can leave your business standing beyond repair.

Fortunately, there are clear aims to make sure you are compliant and safe which include;-

• Looking for clear and obvious workplace hazards.

• Analysing and evaluating current safety systems.

• Ensuring compliance with Health & Safety legislation.

 •Checking current fire systems and processes



Health & Safety Policy Statements

Business Safety Solutions provide health and safety policy statements provide a wide range of health and safety services for a wide range of sectors.

A few examples of statements that are positively looked on by managers and employers may include;-

• Ensure that employees have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment to carry out tasks expected alongside adequate health and safety training.

• To regularly review the health and safety policy to check if it can be further improved for the safety of employees.

• To set out clear and concise health and safety targets, and meet them with extra reviews wherever applicable.

• Identify any potential risks or hazards immediately and work to control/minimize them.

Safe Operating Procedures

Business Safety Solutions provide Safe Operating Procedures for many types of industries and sectors including manufacturing, recycling, retail, warehousing, and many more.

If you have machinery that needs to be used and will be in operation on a regular basis, it’s essential to have a Safe Operating Document that is visible and readily available for all workers/employees to use.

We work with various industries and sectors to provide Safe Operating Procedures.

Each SOP will be different and the step-by-step instruction will of course mirror the specific piece of machinery and the application required to use to full capacity whilst minimizing the risk of injury.