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Health And Safety Inspections

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H&S Inspections

In a busy and chaotic business world, health and safety inspections can be overlooked, but what’s the consequence of this? As a business owner or owner of the premises, there can a lot to juggle and health and safety inspections may get put on the back burner. Fortunately, Business Safety Solutions are able to provide a dedicated service to ensure your premises are as safe as they can and in line with the latest H&S compliance.

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Health & Safety Inspections – The Aims

There are some main aims to be achieved with H&S inspections. The cost of not being compliant could result in hefty fines, prosecutions, and negative publicity that can leave your business standing beyond repair. Fortunately, there are clear aims to make sure you are compliant and safe which include;-

Looking for clear and obvious workplace hazards – One of the very first things that are involved with an H&S inspection includes looking for clear and obvious workplace hazards. Our health and safety assessors will check for these as one of the first points/calls of action.

Analysing and evaluating current safety systems – Another main point for the H&S inspection is to analyse and evaluate current safety systems. For example, if safety systems haven’t been updated in some time and internal operations have changed in the meantime, this would be one of the top priorities.

Ensuring compliance with Health & Safety legislation – One of the top priorities for all health and safety inspections we carry out for all businesses is to ensure full compliance with health and safety legislation.

Checking manual handling – For businesses that operate within warehouses and factories in particular, checking manual handling and undergoing further training, if necessary, is of high importance to reduce the chances of injury to workers/employees.

Checking current fire systems and processes – Have you got clear fire safety systems and processes in place to protect your occupants and premises in the event of a fire?

Evaluating current machinery operations – As part of the H&S inspection, we’ll evaluate current machinery operations.

What Businesses Do You Provide Inspections For?

Business Safety Solutions are able to provide health and safety inspections for a wide range of sectors including warehouses, factories, offices, recycling centres, and more. We are incredibly passionate about putting the right procedures in place in order to help businesses comply with the latest health and safety laws whilst best protecting employees.

How often should you inspect?

How often you require health and safety inspections will largely depend on the nature of your work. H&S inspections are closely related to health and safety audits. For example, if you’re looking for professionals just like ourselves to undergo health and safety inspections in a low-risk environment such as an office, this will not be as frequent as an ever-expanding factory or warehouse. But don’t worry our excellent health and safety consultants at BSS will make sure you’re receiving adequate support for the years to come and beyond.

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The frequency of health and safety inspections can vary depending on factors such as the nature of the workplace, the level of risk involved in the operations, and the current regulatory requirements. For example, if you operate within a high-risk environment, it’s likely that you may require health and safety inspections more regularly than a standard five-person office.

The duration of a typical health and safety inspection can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the workplace, the nature of the business operations, the thoroughness of the inspection, and the number of hazards or issues encountered. But, don’t worry, our team at Business Safety Solutions will be able to give you an estimated timeframe!

Larger workplaces with multiple buildings, work areas, and departments were likely to require more frequent health and safety inspections. Fortunately, we provide a prompt and local service so we can meet your requirements with minimal hassle.

A health and safety inspection typically covers various areas within the workplace to assess potential hazards, identify risks, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Typical areas that we are able to cover include; work areas and stations, equipment and machinery, and anywhere else where safety hazards are identified.

During a health and safety inspection, employees play a crucial role in supporting the process and contributing to a safe working environment. Employees may assist with locating and identifying clear hazards from observation and experience.

Preparing for a health and safety inspection is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful assessment of workplace safety practices. Once the inspection is agreed with us, you may want to get ahead of the curve by planning and allocating resources accordingly. Other quick tips to prepare for an inspection may include; reviewing current policies, conducting self-inspections and reviewing incident reports.

After a health and safety inspection is conducted, several actions may take place depending on the findings and outcomes of the assessment. Some common actions to proceed with after the completion of an inspection may include; arranging staff training, implementing recommended actions to mitigate risks and documentation.

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