How Often Should Fire Risk Assessments Be Reviewed In The UK?

How Often Should Fire Risk Assessments Be Reviewed In The UK?

Business Safety Solutions are frequently asked; how often should fire risk assessments be reviewed?

Fire safety is a paramount concern for any organisation, and one of the key tools in ensuring a safe environment is the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) which are. conducted by accredited and professional fire risk assessors just like Business Safety Solutions.

In the United Kingdom, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places the responsibility on the “responsible person” to carry out and regularly review FRAs.

But how often should these assessments be revisited to ensure they remain effective and up-to-date? In this blog, we’ll explore the recommended frequency for reviewing fire risk assessments in the UK.

Key points our blog will cover include;-

  • The importance of regular review
  • Recommended frequency for review
  • Factors influencing review frequency

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The Importance of Regular Review

Fire risk assessments are not a one-time task. They should be dynamic documents that adapt to changes in the environment, building layout, occupancy, and the introduction of new fire safety measures. Regular reviews are crucial to ensure that your fire risk assessment remains current and reflective of the actual fire risks present in the premises.

Recommended Frequency for Review

While the legislation doesn’t specify a fixed timeframe for reviewing FRAs, it emphasises the need for regular reviews. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggests that a fire risk assessment should be reviewed whenever there is a reason to suspect that it is no longer valid or if there has been a significant change in the matters it relates to.

Significant changes can include alterations to the layout of the premises, changes in the purpose or use of the building, modifications to fire safety measures, or any other factors that may affect fire safety. However, it’s generally advisable to review FRAs at least annually, even if there are no apparent changes, to ensure that they remain relevant.

Factors Influencing Review Frequency

Several factors can influence how often a fire risk assessment should be reviewed. Business Safety Solutions are here to help every step of the way and ensure that your fire risk assessment is reviewed in-line with the below types of factors which will influence review frequency.

Type of Premises:

  • High-risk environments may necessitate more frequent reviews. For example, warehouses and factories, may require more frequent reviews than smaller offices.
  • Complex buildings may require more regular assessments due to their intricate nature.

Occupancy and Usage Changes:

  • If the purpose or use of the building changes, an immediate review is often necessary. For example, if there is internal structural change such as conversions or extensions to the property, the FRA should be reviewed immediately to maximise fire safety.

Fire Safety Measures:

  • Any modifications to fire safety measures or equipment should trigger a review. For example, if a new piece of equipment or machinery is introduced, the FRA should be reviewed and changes made accordingly.

Incident History:

  • If there have been fire incidents or near misses, a review may be required to address vulnerabilities, make changes and ensure that your building / property is best-equipped.

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