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When it comes to education health and safety, Business Safety Solutions are proud to be your first-class health and safety consultants for Education institutions such as colleges, schools, and universities. We operate and offer a truly sensible approach to education health and safety that focuses on how the real risks are managed.

There are some main talking points within education health and safety such as asbestos in schools, school trips, classroom safety, and much more. As well as health and safety is essential for all pupils within the institution, it’s also essential to consider health and safety for teachers, visitors, guests, and other stakeholders. A health and safety policy is essential for school leaders and headteachers and the policy should set the direction for effective health and safety management.

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The approach to risk estimation and management should be carefully calculated within educational institutions and should be assessed in order of priority. The elements of health and safety should include planning, implementation, checking, and acting to improve.

Schools and leaders are legally obliged to ensure that all staff receives information and training about health and safety which includes how to assess risks for their jobs and how to meet roles identified with the health and safety policy.

Getting the balance right with health and safety in schools is essential to make sure practices are durable and in place for the long term. It’s important that paperwork is kept to a minimum with the significant hazards identified and that key staff have clearly established roles and responsibilities. Ultimately, it’s essential to make sure health and safety practices are in place to promote the welfare and wellbeing of pupils.

Education Health & Safety Services

Business Safety Solutions provide a wide range of health and safety services for the education sector to ensure full compliance. Services that we offer include the following;-

Health & Safety Policies

Health and safety policies are essential for schools, colleges, and universities. A health and safety policy fundamentally exists to set out your commitment to managing health and safety effectively and how you’re going to achieve it. There is also an arrangement section that will set out what you’re going to do in daily practice to set out your policy. There may also be additional arrangements included in the policy such as staff training and improving safety equipment during some circumstances. Another key example of implementing a health and safety practice is installing anti-slip flooring to significantly reduce falls, trips, and stumbles that could lead to injuries amongst pupils. Within the policy, there is also a responsibility section that sets out who is responsible for specific actions.

Health & Safety Audits

Health and safety audits ensure that you are fully compliant and they help to prevent harm whilst complying with UK health and safety laws. The health and safety audit will fundamentally act as a checklist that will first assess the competence of the management team. Furthermore, the audit will also assess and evaluate the system currently in place for reporting hazards. Our team will fully analyze current procedures and the risk of pitfalls. To ensure that health and safety is comprehensive, we will spend a minimum of one day with you at your educational institution to assess all aspects of health and safety. All practical support will be delivered by our team at Business Safety Solutions against agreed deadlines with clear solutions that are easy to follow.

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments in any commercial or public building are absolutely imperative. Therefore within schools and other educational institutions, it is undoubtedly a must. A fire risk assessment should be at the center of every school’s building’s fire safety plans and should not be overlooked. Fire risk assessments that we undertake aim to achieve identification of possible risks and also who is at most risk of being harmed. Moreover, fire risk assessments conducted by BSS will also then look to reduce these risks to a level that is as low as possible. Lastly, we will evaluate the safety precautions that need to be implemented and put into place immediately.

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