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Employers and managers are liable for the health and safety of employees when in the workplace. Although the office environment may not immediately appear as potentially dangerous as other environments, there is some clear health and safety risk that should be considered and therefore practices to be put into place.

Common health and safety risks in the office environment include work-related stress, manual handling, slips, trips, and more. It is the responsibility of employers to design, provide and maintain workplaces that are safe with reduced risks to health. According to recent studies, slips and falls are responsible for up to 35% of non-fatal work-related accidents that often happen as a result of spillages, wet floors, and unsecured floor mats. For more information regarding health and safety consultants for office admin, get in touch with us today.

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Manual handling is another thing that goes on in the office environment much more than you may first anticipate. Manual handling with offices may include carrying heavy boxes and folders down flights of stairs, taking and accepting heavy deliveries, and transporting heavy equipment. When you use the services of Business Safety Solutions, as a result, you will learn practical ways on how to minimize the risk of heavy handling.

As well as manual handling, it also pays dividends to identify all other potential risks that may put workers at potential risk. Further health and safety hazards that must be managed include electrical equipment, falling objectives, poor ventilation, and poor air quality. The good news is that the vast majority of office hazards and injuries are easily preventable when following through with simple yet practical measures.

Office Admin Health & Safety Services

Business Safety Solutions provide a wide range of health and safety services for offices to ensure full compliance. Services that we offer include the following;-

Competent Person

Within an office environment, it is essential to appoint a competent person to enable your business to meet the requirements of health and safety law. This is particularly apparent if your business has five or more employees. The appointed competent person must have sufficient training, knowledge, and competence that allow them to assist certain situations with the right approach. Here at Business Safety Solutions, we are able to provide comprehensive training to the selected to-be competent person to ensure you are fully protected and comply with the latest health and safety legislation. When appointing a competent person for your office-based business, you have three main options to choose from. You can select yourself, one or more of your workers, or someone from outside your business.

Health & Safety Audits

Another service that we offer for office admin businesses is health and safety audits. All health and safety audits are bespoke to comply with your specific business requirements. Health and safety audits are imperative for complying with current health and safety regulations and the procedure will involve documenting and recording observations made on-site so that we can clearly outline strengths and weaknesses. Throughout our comprehensive health and safety audit at your office, we will be identifying and analyzing key areas that may include safety management systems, accident report procedures, and training too. Health and safety audits are much more than just a box-ticking exercise, it can be the start of improving productivity and avoiding potential legal pitfalls.

Fire Risk Assessments

Business Safety Solutions also provide fire risk assessments and fire protection services for your office-based company. We are proud to be experienced and approved fire risk assessors that cover any type of office-based building throughout the North West. As well as helping you to stay compliant with the fire safety law, we will also follow a proven checklist to evaluate the frequency of safety checks, the current system In place for reporting hazards, and more. Risk assessments drastically minimize the possibility of buildings being exposed to unnecessary fire risks that can result in the loss of life.

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