Health And Safety Consultancy Services

What Can I Expect?

Many businesses understand the importance of health and safety consultancy services, but aren’t completely aware of what the services consist of. In this latest blog post, Business Safety Solutions will be outlining exactly what you can expect of health and safety consultancy services so that all your questions are answered.

Regardless of the size or scale of your organisation, health and safety is something that should be taken seriously. It’s no understatement when we say good health and safety procedures can be the difference between life or death, particularly within an environment where risks are elevated such as factories and warehouses.

Many managers and / or team leaders don’t have the time OR expertise to handle health and safety to a degree where workers are safe and legislation is being met without compromise. Enter Business Safety Solutions.

What Is A Health & Safety Consultant?

Ultimately, a health and safety consultant is a professional service role offered to a plethora of industries and sectors to ensure that your business is running to maximum safety for the benefit of your employees, visitors, and tenants. It’s also essential to employ a health and safety consultant to comply with the latest legislation. High-quality and experienced health and safety consultants, just like Business Safety Solutions, are able to adapt easily to your business sector providing a number of health and safety services which may include; fire risk assessments, health and safety policies, and health and safety audits.

For example, health and safety consultancy services should be available for sectors and industries including warehousing, factories, educational establishment, care homes, recycling, and landlords.

Benefits & What You Can Expect

Trustworthy Health & Safety Advice

When you invest in health and safety consultancy services, you are likely to benefit from trustworthy health and safety advice that will stand your business in good condition for the years to come. Health and safety consultancy services often begin with a comprehensive and honest assessment of your businesses health and safety, also known as a health and safety audit. This consists of reviewing your current systems and procedures, and evaluating where your health and safety processes can be improved.

Up-To-Date Health & Safety Knowledge

The world of health and safety is one that’s ever evolving and forever changing. Therefore, investing in health and safety consultancy services will ensure that all your procedures are fully compliant with the latest legislation and practices. Your reliable health and safety consultancy will guarantee up-to-date health and safety knowledge which you’ll benefit from.

Create A Positive Health & Safety Culture

Another benefit and notable perk that you can expect from health and safety consultancy services is an improved culture around positive health and safety. Your organisation may or may not currently see the value in health and safety or the importance of it, but that can be quickly changed when you hire someone just like Business Safety Solutions, this can change in a heartbeat. As a result of this positive culture change, you can expect to benefit from reduced turnover, less injuries, and therefore less days off.

Save Resources

Perhaps one of the most underestimated benefits of investing in health and safety consultancy services. Yes, that’s right, they can actually save you resources, money and time. This is done by allowing you to run after the day-to-day of the business and profitability whilst we look after the health and safety side of your business. Moreover, we will also review current processes and systems in place to analyse if anything can be done differently without the compromise of safety of course.

Health And Safety Consultancy Services

When you work with a reliable and dedicated health and safety consultancy, you are likely to benefit from the following services being available:

Health & Safety Audits – BSS are able to provide comprehensive health and safety audits for a multitude of industries and business sectors. Audits consist of analysing management team competence and systems for reporting hazards.

Health & Safety Policy Statements – H&S policy statements should directly correlate with company culture around positive health and safety. They are a legal requirement for all businesses with over FIVE employees.

Health & Safety Inspections – Unsure if you comply with the latest H&S legislation? Business Safety Solutions provide dedicated health and safety inspections that include looking for clear and obvious workplace hazards.

Fire Risk Assessments –  Undertaking annual fire risk assessments is worth much more than just a box ticking procedure. It is your duty as a landlord, responsible person or manager to ensure maximum fire safety.
Safe Operating Procedures – If you have machinery that needs to be used and will be in operation on a regular basis, it’s essential to have a Safe Operating Document that is visible and readily available for all workers/employees to use.

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