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Here at Business Safety Solutions, we are proud to be one of the best health and safety consultants for retail businesses throughout Cheshire and Greater Manchester. All our health and safety services for the retail industry are tailored to fulfil the requirements and needs of the business we are working with.

Health and safety in retail is paramount to ensure that you are complying with latest legislations to avoid prosecutions and to best protect employees and customers. Our health and safety services across the retail sector are available for a multitude of retail outlets such as retail chain stores, shopping centres, independent shops and modular retailers to name just a few.

Retail is one of those industries that is perhaps more prone to incidents and accidents than others. As a retail owner, it is therefore your duty and responsibility to ensure that the premises is legally compliant with the latest health and safety regulations and policies as set out by the HSE. We understand that it can be incredibly time consuming to ensure health and safety compliance and make sure everything is in place for the safety of employees and customers which is why we offer a fully outsourced service.

Retail Health & Safety Services

Business Safety Solutions provide a wide range of health and safety services for the retail sector to ensure full compliance. Services that we offer include the following;-

Risk Assessments

We understand that risk assessments in the retail sector can be a struggle for shops and businesses of all sizes. This is why we offer fully comprehensive risk assessments to ensure that your site is safe and sound. Our highly qualified and experience health and safety consultants will undertake a full risk assessment for you identifying and assessing potential hazards, reviewing business systems and advising you on the best way to control or reduce any hazards identified. The purpose of our risk assessments are simply to identify potential hazards and their likelihood before acting accordingly to make it right.

Health & Safety Audits

Business Safety Solutions also provide health and safety audits for retail businesses. Our comprehensive health and safety audits ensure that your business is fully compliant with the latest legislations as set out by the HSE. Our health and safety consultants will also review current practices to ensure they are fit for purpose. A typical health and safety audit checklist that we will undertake should also evaluate the following;-

• Management team competence

• Frequency of safety checks

• System for reporting hazards

• Current fire risk assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Business Safety Solutions are also able to provide fire risk assessments. Fire risk assessments in retail buildings and premises are a legal requirement and should be undertaken at least once annually. The fire risk assessments that we undertake aim to identify all potential risks and hazards throughout the property where fire risk many be prevalent. We will then reduce these risks to a level that is as low as possible before evaluating safety precautions that need to be put into place immediately.

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