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Here at Business Safety Solutions, we provide health and safety for leisure. BSS work with a number of different types of business and organization in this sector including organized sporting activities, leisure centers, thrill-seeking activities, and motorized leisure pursuits. The law for many leisure pursuits outlines that they must do everything in their power to reduce the chance of injuries and potential accidents. Although these types of tasks genuinely come with a risk and the participants are aware of this, organizers and organizations of such events are responsible for minimizing risks. There are many considerations to think about with risk management being the number one service that we offer to ensure that you are complying with legislation and playing your part in minimizing slips, trips, and falls. For more information regarding health and safety services for leisure, get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 01244 455277.

We support the health, fitness, and leisure industry by offering industry-leading health and safety services such as fire risk assessments, health, and safety policies, risk assessments, and much more. Before any of our services are offered, we take the time to get to know you. your exact requirements before proposing one or more of our services if relevant. The exact term that organizers should adhere to within the sector is ‘reasonably practical’ for all guests and participants that are taking part in such activities. A key example of risk management within the sector might be outdoor pursuits and focusing on harnesses and the safety equipment required to ensure that there are no injuries or fatalities.

Whether you require swimming pool management, require our expertise to run a safe sports club, or anything else for that matter, we are here every step of the way to help. Health and safety are made simple with Business Safety Solutions and we cover all areas. As well as the above-mentioned services, we are also able to help you appoint a competent person, prepare health and safety policies, and provide relevant information and training.

Leisure Health & Safety Services

Business Safety Solutions provide a wide range of health and safety services for leisure and sporting companies to ensure full compliance. Services that we offer include the following;-

Competent Person Services

One of the main services that we offer in the industry is competent person services. As an organization that runs such events, you are legally obligated to appoint a competent person to help you meet all relevant health and safety legal duties. The competent person appointed should have relevant qualifications and training and if they do not currently, they should arrange to undertake immediately before being appointed. There are a few options when it comes to appointing a competent person. Although many organizations choose one or more workers from inside the organizations, there is also the option to appoint someone from outside the business too. We are able to provide tailored health and safety guidance and support as your competent advisors.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are also imperative and help you to hazards and assess risk at work. As an employer, you are required by law to protect your employees and others from harm. This starts by undertaking thorough risk assessments that help to identify what could injury or cause harm to participants. Once potential risks are identified, our health and safety consultants will then decide how likely it is that someone could be harmed and how serious the risk is too. Finally, we then take action to significantly reduce the hazard, or eliminate it completely if possible.

Health & Safety Policy

Other health and safety services that we offer include health and safety policies. A health and safety policy sets out your general approach to health and safety and how you aim to manage the safety of your employees through clear practices. If you have 5 or more employees working for your organization, it is a legal obligation to have a health and safety policy written down whilst sharing the policy and any changes made to it, with your employees and fellow managers within the company.

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