5 Reasons Health & Safety Is Essential To Your Business

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Health and safety is absolutely essential for your business and in this latest blog post, we are going to dip deeper into the five main reasons why it’s integral for the on-going development and growth of your business. Despite what some people may say, health and safety is far more than just a box-ticking exercise. It’s a legal requirement that is in place to maximise health and safety for your workforce. However, there are plenty more benefits that your business can reap directly once you start taking it more seriously and giving it the attention it deserves.

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Let’s get started…

1.) Ensure Legal Compliance

Let’s go to the most obvious reason which I’m sure you are aware of. There are certain health and safety procedures and systems that you MUST have in place to ensure legal compliance. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires that every employer is obliged to provide the very latest training, PPE, and equipment necessary to maximise the health and safety of each and every employee. As an employer, it is your legal and moral obligation to ensure that your worker(s) are kept safe and to minimise/remove all possible risks in the workplace that may lead to injury, illness, or fatalities.

2.) Reduce Absenteeism

An underrated benefit of improving your health and safety procedures and practices is the fact that it can actually help to reduce absenteeism. A recent study was undertaken by the government that showed some alarming statistics which clearly highlights absenteeism issues in the UK as a whole. The study showed that over 30 million working days were lost over the last couple of years due to absenteeism. Fortunately though, improving health and safety practices can help to keep workers safer to minimise absenteeism and ensure that normal working hours are undertaken by employees.

3.) Save Money

When you start to take health and safety seriously, you’ll also notice that you will benefit from saving money that can be invested elsewhere. Millions of pounds is lost every single year for having to replace employees when off due to illness or injuries that otherwise could have been avoided with properly thought-out health and safety practices in place. Your business will also start to improve efficiency and productivity which will result in improved sales and increased profits.

4.) Protect Reputation

Health and safety also goes a long way to protecting your reputation. Poor health and safety standards within a business can spread like wildfire and before you know it, you have a business that no longer attracts the best talent or candidates. And of course, this results in a poorer reputation. When you comply with the latest health and safety regulations, you’ll avoid heavy fines and prosecutions as a result of poor health and safety standards.

5.) Reduce Staff Turnover

As well helping to reduce and/or minimise absenteeism, you’ll also help to reduce your staff turnover which means that the time, training and resources that you put into new staff will be well invested and not go to waste. Businesses take time to train up staff and grow relationships so when staff turnover is considerably high, this is often a clear indication that something isn’t quite right. And when this happens, it’s a good idea to start reviewing health and safety practices as this is a major factor, especially in certain sectors, as to why staff turnover is so high.

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